The Shaman’s Lover Trilogy

book 1: the spell – a memoir

“…It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive…”

– Oriah Mountain Dreamer, from The Invitation

The Shaman’s Lover Trilogy has been hiding in my laptop since I wrote the initial draft in 2010. I imagine other authors must go through similar experiences of fear and self-doubt as to whether the story is worth telling at all. Especially, something as vulnerable as a memoir — I was dragged back through time and space to relive the experiences over and over until I reached a place of neutrality and peace.

This story includes some very visceral, visionary experiences with the powerful plant medicine, ayahuasca, interspersed with my life and relationships as I experienced them at the time. As you are reading, you may feel as if you have been transported to another world, perhaps sparking a deeper, multi-dimensional curiosity about yourself. I always say to people when someone asks me about ayahuasca, “It’s for either the brave or crazy, or perhaps you have to be both.” However, through this book you will receive the medicine you are meant to receive in a much gentler, kinder way than I did.

To preserve and transfer the authentic flavor of my experience, I have chosen to maintain a number of words in the local languages as I have learned them. Additionally, I haven’t changed the names of the plants or animals into their scientific names.

The Spell is for you if you have ever given your power away, in the small seemingly inconsequential ways of saying “yes” when you meant “no” or in big ways, like I did. This book is for you if you have felt the hollowness of low self-worth, yearning to fill up your empty vessel with love, freedom, your truth, and claim your power. This book is for you if you have felt stuck, dissatisfied, or desperate. And, this book is for all of you who just know in the marrow of your bones, you could be more, so much more, if only you could tell your story in all your humanness and be heard. The Spell will inspire you to live unapologetically in your feminine essence and beauty and to love fearlessly, especially yourself.

Georgina Lucy Kemm

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What are you willing risk to become who you really are?

As Georgina’s life faces a disastrous implosion her best friend Sandy invites her to a healing center deep in the Peruvian Amazon where she naively enters into the mysterious world of ayahuasca-a potent visionary plant medicine also known as the “vine of the soul”. Magical journeys and other-worldly adventures submerge her into the shadow world where she discovers her demons and uncovers the lie she has been living…

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