The Shaman’s Lover Trilogy

What are you willing risk to become who you really are?

As Georgina’s life faces a disastrous implosion her best friend Sandy invites her to a healing center deep in the Peruvian Amazon where she naively enters into the mysterious world of ayahuasca-a potent visionary plant medicine also known as the “vine of the soul”. Magical journeys and other-worldly adventures submerge her into the shadow world where she discovers her demons and uncovers the lie she has been living. Just as she begins to reconnect with the Divine, Georgina meets with an unexpected twist of fate, when the healing center’s shaman casts a powerful enchantment on her. In order to unbind herself she must face her past and strip away an imprisonment that is not only hers but shared by women world-wide.

Travel with Georgina as she takes you into an extraordinary reality. The Spell, Book One of The Shaman’s Lover Trilogy is a mesmerizing memoir about healing the Wounded Feminine and embodying the Divine Feminine. This personal account will inspire women to free themselves from the patriarchal program of shame, guilt and low self-worth and awaken to their power, radiance and beauty. Join Georgina and an unforgettable cast of characters as she takes you on a journey of magic and paradoxically, what it means to be ordinarily human.

“The Spell will have you turning the pages as the main character is drawn across continents and into the depths of herself through mystic visions and the irresistible spell of magic love.”
-ERNESTINE B COLOMBO, author of Returning Souls

“The Spell is for the truth seeker. Georgina Lucy Kemm has coupled her raw and fast moving writing style with vivid details of the senses–keeping you in pace with every word of this page-turner memoir. Mysteries of your own life peel away and reveal hidden meaning as you witness this fascinating wise woman’s expedition of the complex yet common journey of the feminine essence.”
-SALLY REEVES CONWAY, Director of Coaching, The Art of Feminine Presence™

“A true invitation to dive deep in to the many shades of seduction, sorcery, friendship, power and the depths of one woman’s heart.”

– -SYLVIE JOY MEIER, Shaman-ayahuasquera, Carrier of the Sacred Medicine, Kambo

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