Beautiful and life changing

I love you,(Georgina) just like I said in Peru, words escape me because they do not give justice to how beautiful and life changing my experience was with you. It is deeply personal. It is one thing to be loved by another but for someone to help show me how to love MYSELF. Has been the biggest blessing of all.

Samantha Nelson
Portland, OR, USA

I feel empowered

From being with Georgina at the retreat in Peru, I feel empowered and deserving of a life full of joy, growth, trials and tribulations, and love. I feel A LOT more. One feeling being, it’s O.K. to feel. My old perception of feeling was it always had to be “good” feelings. That if I was feeling angry, sad, upset those were “wrong.” Now I, truly, understand that I am a spirit living a human experience and I am given the opportunity to FEEL every feeling that is possible to feel, and for that I am so thankful because those feelings are what help me to understand, grow, and become more aware.

Madison Dillenbeck
Boise, ID, USA

Her gifts are abundant

Sylvie has more integrity than anyone I’ve ever known. If you could take every single human attribute and refine it to its purest golden state, you’d have Sylvie. Her balance of strength and love is unparalleled and that’s massively important in this medicine work. Her gifts are abundant and she will always share them with you. Her ability to see with utter clarity in all situations is astounding and creates an environment of total security so you can heal and transform.

Marcella Scott

I learned more of who I am

I personally enjoyed learning to connect with other women sometimes just by looking at them, I learned more of who I am and how I feel by trying to put in words my feelings and checking in with myself, I enjoy that I felt safe to open up and be very silly or very serious about my feelings and my journey.

I feel that this is the perfect combination because there is so much processing you have to do that having the tools we learned in the classes and practices is so helpful, specially when you’re back home.

Luisa Fernanda
New Jersey, NY, USA

Amazing woman

Sylvie is undoubtedly Present and intuitive! Which is what is needed in this process. She is a safe, secure and reliable guide for your journey. I was able to do some very deep personal work. She helped me to understand and integrate my experience and allowed me to feel free and supported in my process. Without Sylvie, I am not sure I would have been able to process and integrate this phenomenal and life changing experience. I have a new ability to shift and transform negative feelings and experiences as well as to shorten the duration. I don’t get stuck anymore. I was really scared to meet myself and Sylvie allowed me to be strong. You’re lucky if you get to work with this amazing woman and have an amazing transformational shift! Go for it! You’re worth it. It’s going to be awesome.

Heather Bellini