praise for the spell

look no further

If you’ve ever been curious about Ayahuasca and the Shamanic journey, look no further. In this no-frills autobiographical account, The Spell, Book One of The Shaman’s Lover’s Trilogy, catapults us down the rabbit hole of spiritual “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” into the heart of one woman’s search for authenticity, self-empowerment and self-love. In her relentless intention to leave nothing unexplored, Georgina Kemm has created a compelling and naked reveal of both her inner workings and her fearless dive into this veiled jungle world. By the end, the veil has been lifted. And what remains is a fascination with our own longing for self-discovery.


honest and powerful

The Spell is Book I of The Shaman’s Lover Trilogy, a story of one woman’s search for the secrets of her own essence by way of Africa, Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Amazon jungle of Peru. Author Georgina Kemm’s honest and powerful voice pulls us moment by moment into a remarkable tale of betrayal, unfolding self-knowledge, and mystical power.

The Spell will have you turning the pages as the main character is drawn across continents and into the depths of herself through mystic visions and the irresistible spell of magic love.

ERNESTINE B COLOMBO, author of Returning Souls

that was amazing

Oh my God! Wow that was amazing, and I love it! Thank you for letting me read your story. I’m not a reader and was captured and compelled to take in the whole thing.…a beautiful, bold expression of being human through transparency; sharing pain, suffering, longing and the courage to embrace self-honesty, healing and opening to the freedom to our greater authenticity. A profound gift of heart-opening and self-love to all who read it.


deeply honest true story

The Spell is a deeply honest true story. Georgina invites us all in to a no-holds- barred, genuine journey with her through the mystery of Amazonian shamanism, the Mother Jungle and the depths of our desires and motivations. A true invitation to dive deep in to the many shades of seduction, sorcery, friendship, power and the depths of one woman’s heart.

SYLVIE JOY MEIER, Shaman-ayahuasquera, Carrier of the Sacred Medicine, Kambo

for the truth seeker

The Spell is for the truth seeker. Georgina Kemm has coupled her raw and fast moving writing style with vivid details of the senses–keeping you in pace with every word of this page-turner memoir. Mysteries of your own life peel away and reveal hidden meaning as you witness this fascinating wise woman’s expedition of the complex yet common journey of the feminine essence. This feminine essence is coming up for air in all of us. Her tale takes you on a trek through arid high deserts to lush sugary beaches to dense jungles laden with life. As you read, you may question what is real or what are just dreams and visions, and be confronted with the thrilling or even horrifying possibility that it is ALL real. I want more of these books!

SALLY REEVES-CONWAY, Director of Coaching, The Art of Feminine Presence™