Women’s Sacred Medicine Immersion

8 Sacred Ceremonies

4 Kambo + 4 Ayahusca

Bonus Ceremony: 1 San Pedro 


Revealing the big secret!  

Our female bodies are our direct path to greater awareness, higher consciousness,and our liberation.  We have been conditioned to believe our bodies are separate from our spiritual, emotional and mental nature. That they our out of our control and something to be feared, suppressed and our feminine essence has to be tamed so that it won’t frighten people into remembering their primal, wild selves. (Just imagine if everyone knew who they really were!)



 Breaking the Spell

We have been taught to masculinize our expression to fit into and function in this very yang or masculinized world. If you suffer from low self-worth, depression, eating disorders, burnout, autoimmune diseases, PTSD you are experiencing a great disconnection from who you are as a powerful, beautiful and divine woman. 


Our Magic

Women’s Sacred Medicine Immersion is an opportunity to shine light upon the shadows we carry as women and welcome them back with love. This immersion is a chance for you to encounter and embody your magnificence as the Divine Feminine and to change how you perceive yourself in the world. As a result of your transformation, the world will meet you differently.     


The Sisterhood

A circle of sisters reminds us of a time when we were the spiritual leaders of our tribe. Awakening is more about remembering what is already there, in our DNA, calling us to bring that out into our lives and into the world. Meeting together like this is an opportunity to step into our gifts like never before. The world is waiting for you. NOW is your time. 




Why Kambo?

Kambo’s treasure is to ignite a fire in the shadows you do not have conscious access to. She works in the places before language and into the womb time.  Within this particular shadow lies the key to what you are here to do during this life time. Read more here




Why Ayahuasca?

Well that’s obvious!  She may be the Master Healer and Way-shower of your life and destiny. She will take you by the hand and start you off at pre-school and guide you as far as you are willing to take your education. Read more here 





What makes the Women’s Sacred Medicine Immersion unique?

We have designed the WSM immersion around what works for you as a woman to move you past your wounding, fears, and limitations and to step into and fully embrace the magical, mysterious creatrix you are designed to be. Yes, it’s in you already. 


Your guides

Sylvie and Georgina have spent the last decade learning from these Sacred Teachers. More importantly, mastering how to fully integrate these teachings and transformations into the body so you can use them on a practical level in your day to day life. (Very important!!) Read more here.


Imagine yourself:  

  • feeling safe during uncertain times (like now!)
  • relaxing and not feel so stressed in the chaos
  • living on purpose and not feeling like you’re floating aimlessly
  • moving beyond what is keeping you small and scared
  • embracing your part as a Divine Feminine leader and re-shaping the world
  • flowing with life instead of fighting it
  • integrating low self-worth and stepping into how magical you are


Imagine yourself holding hands in a circle of beautiful women who desire what you desire. Imagine how powerful this experience would be!


We keep our immersions intimate and must limit our circle to 10 lovely women. If this is calling you please email us at georginakemm@yahoo.com.

The arising of Presence is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity for the survival of humanity.

— Eckhart Tolle